About Maona

The Maona Tourist Agency was established in 1999 the aim of offering something original and personal. We try to be original in all fields and have a positive attitude towards environment and cultural heritage, we mainly try to develop a different type of tourism full of knowledge, education and regard. Since the beginning we have been cooperating with all the cultural institutions of the town and we organise several events in Piran and Portorož ourselves because we want to show tourists the cultural monuments of the town and not only focus on the basic tourist activity.

In our trips pleasure is more important than rest, we discover the beautiful things in front of us.


Maona is a type of boat typical for our region that was bringing us well-being over the canturies. It was a cargo bat without its own drive, in bulging form with nearly flat bottom for sailing in the salt-pans canals. Maonas were fixed to the tug ship in a row and in that way salt was borught from the salt-pans to the warehouse. Its load capacity was 70 tons.

In 1956 all maonas were sunk during a storm in Portorož. Today we can see only the maona model that is exhibited in the Salt-pans museum.